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Stakeholder Feedback and Grievance

VIGA RE Procedure and Grievances Handling

VIGA RE has established a grievance process that enables stakeholders to flag issues related to the organization and seek remedy. The procedure applies to both internal and external stakeholders of VIGA RE including, but not limited to employees, contractors, suppliers, tenants, local communities, and public entities.

It is noted that reported grievances are internally handled by VIGA RE. However, it is acknowledged that grievances may be submitted anonymously e.g., through a non-identifiable e-mail address. VIGA RE is committed to duly investigate all reported grievances regardless of the submission format.

Grievance Handling

  1. Grievance is received, internally logged and confidentially reviewed by the Technical Director.
  2. Where it is assessed that the reported grievance does not relate to negative impacts caused by the operations of VIGA RE, the grievance is dismissed, and the stakeholder will be notified.
  3. After the initial review, an investigation of the grievance is undertaken by the Technical Director in collaboration with the Managing Partner. VIGA RE will inform the reporting stakeholder on an estimated timeline for resolving the case. Where possible, the investigation shall be dialogue based with the reporting stakeholder, and actions shall be undertaken to retrieve testimony on the grievance from all implicated parties.
  4. Where remediating actions are deemed necessary, the Technical Director is responsible for initiating and monitoring such actions. Results of the grievance are finally communicated to the submitting stakeholder.

It is noted that the legal adviser of VIGA RE may be contacted to assist resolving legal grievances if necessary.